Christmas In Store at Ridgeview!

Poinsettia 4.5″ pot     Red, Pink, Ice Crystal    $4.99 or 3/$12.99 6″ pot        Red, Pink, Burgundy, Ice Crystal, Red Glitter  $9.99 or 3/$27.00 8″ pot        Red, Red Glitter  $24.9 10″ pot      Red, Tri Colour  $34.99 Planters    

5 Care Tips for a Fresh Cut Tree!

Before you bring the tree into your home and place it in a stand, re-cut the trunk at least one inch from the bottom just before putting it in the stand. This re-opens the tree stem which will have dried from the previous cut.

Building an Evergreen Wreath

There are a lot of different wreath forms you can use as the base of your wreath. It really depends on the actual type of look you are going for. A styrofoam wreath form is well suited to plastic or silk flowers or wreaths where you are gluing the media to the base, for instance christmas ball or pine cone wreaths. But when using fresh evergreen boughs there are two key types of forms that …

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