Container gardens

The Importance of Fall Mulching

We all appreciate the aesthetic value of a nice mulch in a garden bed, but there are far more important reasons for adding a layer as the temperatures begin to drop. One of the most obvious reasons is related to the chilly winter ahead, in soil temperature retention. Many Canadian perennials are fairly hardy and will survive the deep freeze, but many won’t. Especially if it’s the first year for the plant or if it […]

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Whimsical Miniature Gardens

There’s something about miniature gardening that tickles our fancy. Whether it’s the whimsy or the idea of having a indoor landscape year-round, it’s caught our attention and that of thousands of folks around the globe. Miniature or Fairy Gardening as it is often called can be an entertaining hobby akin to building doll houses or model trains. Scale everything down; small plants, small gravel and tiny decor will ensure you have an enchanted space fit

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Structure of a Container Garden

The first thing to do is select your container, resin, terracotta or clay there a limitless options available both in aesthetic and size. We do recommend that you place the container where you are planning to display it as once all the dirt and plants are in it will be heavy. Consider the exposure of the location of your pot as this will affect your plant choices. Keep in mind your container needs good drainage,

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