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Cold Weather Crops

If you have a vegetable garden you’ve likely spent the past couple of weekends harvesting & processing. Tomato sauce, pickled peppers and just regular ol’ dill pickles are some of my personal favourites. It’s sad seeing the plants mostly bare now that they’ve been picked so as consolation we begin to plot the next phase of our garden and cold weather crops. The jury’s still out on wether or not we can expect another brutal […]

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The best plants for fall container gardens

It’s certainly felt like fall this past week. Not as cold as Calgary (snow in September?!!) but cold nonetheless. Weather like this inspires us to start refreshing some of our container gardens and baskets. We’ve talked before about the proper construction of containers and about fresh cut garden flowers so well limit this week to recommending plants, decorative branches and gourds that deal well with low temperatures and follow the thrill, spill, fill construction. Thrill

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Garden Planning

Many gardens are now in full bloom, some are even beginning to transition into fall (gasp!) our summer seems to be winding down a little early. On a positive note it’s got us thinking about plans for next year’s landscape. Firstly, if you haven’t already, begin to keep a photo reference library of your garden. It can really help the process when you can compare year over year in order to choose plants that have

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