fall gardening

Dividing Perennials in Autumn

A close friend is moving this fall, away from her cherished gardens. The new home has established beds, however is certainly lacking in comparison from whence she came. All things considered the move has come at an opportune time from the perspective that several of her plants can be divided and moved, as the time for autumn plant division is upon us. Even if you aren’t planning a move this sort of separation can yield […]

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Autumn Interest!

The go to is mums, mums and more mums. I’ve got nothing against them but as the only addition to your fall landscape they can end up looking a little uninspired. So what’s a gardener to do? Add interest with not only plants but other structural and decorative accents. We came up with a few favourites that fall (ha ha) in perfectly with autumn colour and cooler temperatures. Plants – perfect for containers! Mums (surprise)

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