fall lawn care

Fall Lawn Care

Here are our tips to ensure a greener, less labour-intensive lawn next Spring. Clean Up Rotten leaves wasting away on the surface of your lawn are going to cause a few problems. Not only will the grass underneath die due to suffocation, but infected leaves left on the ground will simply re-infect the plants from which they fell. If any showed signs of disease last season don’t even bother trying to compost them. They should […]

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Lawn Grubs and Nematodes

With the constant wet weather this season most lawns appear a healthy, gorgeous green. Except wait, what’s that? Large brown patches of dead wilting grass are beginning to appear!! Chances are you have grubs. These voracious larvae are the enemy of lawn enthusiasts everywhere. They are likely maturing to adult stage right now and will continue to cause major damage until the end of September and into October, they don’t mind cooler temperatures. As if

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