Mid Summer Fertilizing

Though it’s been relatively rain-filled this July, summer heat and other stressors can still take a toll on your garden and lawn. Everything has been growing like crazy and all this growth needs supportive nutrients. Fertilization of edibles, annuals, and grass will help ensure a bountiful crop, glorious blooms, and a landscape to be proud of right into the fall. For edibles At this time you are generally past the point of soil remediation as […]

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Make your neighbours Green with Envy

Tip #1 Start with a Strong Foundation With all the upcoming rain in the forecast it’s a great time to add valuable soil and seed to the surface through overseeding. Rake thoroughly and aerate the lawn. Spread a thin layer of quality soil such as Scotts Lawn Soil and then a good coated grass seed blended over top. Water regularly (assuming it’s not raining!) Tip # 2 Fertilize  Existing lawns that just need a little

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Composting has many benefits and at a cost of almost nil is one of the most cost effective garden super powers in the world. Trust nature to deliver exactly what our gardens need in the form of an outstanding fertilizer derived from decomposing plant and organic matter. The first step is setting up this nutrient power house, if you have a large property a compost pile may be the best choice, on a suburban lot

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Inviting the Bees

Inviting the bees As someone who’s allergic to bees I’m an unlikely proponent of inviting them to my landscape. But bees pay a vital role in the health of my plants, so I’ve long researched the best way to ensure my garden receives regular visits form these winged pollinators. There’s hundreds of crops grown in North America that depend on bees including apples, almonds, blueberries, citrus, melons, pears, plums, pumpkins and squash. They are busy

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