Hydrangeas and Lilies – the flowers of Easter

As we welcome the spring season, one of the most celebrated holidays is Easter. And when we talk about Easter, two flowers that come to mind are hydrangeas and lilies. But have you ever wondered how these beautiful blooms became synonymous with this holiday? Hydrangeas are native to Japan but were first discovered by a French botanist named Philibert Commerson during his exploration of the island of Mauritius. These beautiful flowers come in a variety …

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Why an Organic Fertilizer is Important

We often tout the reasons why its important to grow and eat organic foods, and how an organic fertilizer will ensure a pesticide and chemical free crop. But what are the other reasons you’d want to go organic from the ground up? Specifically, organic isn’t just good for you, it’s good for all kinds of living things. One of the common news stories heard now is the dwindling bee populations and the catastrophic results their …

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The History of Valentine’s Day

I’ve often wondered about the history behind certain holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception. In the spirit of the season let’s review the history of this amorous occasion. Legend says that it originated in third century Rome, when the Emperor of the era decided that young single men were better for war than love and promptly banned marriage. A young priest named Valentine continued to marry couples in secret. When discovered the Emperor sentenced …

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Proper Poinsettia Pampering

Poinsettia’s are undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday plants with thousands finding their way home over the month of December. It’s tragic when these Christmas Blooms don’t survive until the New Year so here’s a few tips to keep them fresh and green into 2019 Purchase and Transport When purchasing a Poinsettia flip the leaves over, ensure consistent green colour with no spots or yellowing. Keep an eye out for insect damage as well. …

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Attract Birds & Butterflies

One of the amazing things about having a garden is that you are bringing life into a landscape. Beyond plant life you can bring wildlife with your floral choices, including the always colourful humming birds and butterflies. Here are some of our favourite plant options dictated by your garden exposure. Shade Gardens Foxglove Columbine Lobelia Dianthus Bleeding Heart Plantain Lily Impatiens   Sunny Gardens Daylilies Liatris Shasta Daisy Yarrow Verbena Lavender Hollyhock Butterfly Bush

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