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Proper Care of Popular Climbing Vines

The wild and unruly look of climbing vines adds a certain Secret Garden quality to any landscape. Despite their often unkempt appearance many of the popular vines you will see in store do require some basic care. To ensure a prolific plant here are some tips for the most common climbers. Clematis Soil Clematis prefer moist, well-drained soil that’s neutral to slightly alkaline in pH. Seasonally add compost and a good quality granular fertilizer. There […]

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June Garden To Do

Well folks, much to our absolute joy, the weather recently has been warm and sunny! Your plants might already be in or you could be still working through your garden having gotten a late start. Either way June is a beautiful month in the garden. Flowers and plants have awoken from their slumber and are ready to show their stuff. Blooms and leaves have just unfurled and not yet been exposed to harsh elements or

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