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Laying a Patio Using Patio Pavers

Laying a patio looks more difficult than it really is, and could easily be a great long weekend project. It requires a strong back and some basic garden tools, but the result is a level and useful patio for years to come! Tools & Materials Chisel Mallet Level Shovel Stakes & String Safety Glasses/Gloves Tamper (can be rented from your local hardware store) Broom Crushed Screening Sand Patio Slabs/Stone Step 1 Mark the proposed area […]

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Why is May 24 NOT on the 24th?

It seems strange that each year we look forward to a holiday coined May 2-4, that rarely occurs on the 24th. It’s never late, but always early and this got me wondering….WHY? Time for bit of a Her-story Lesson. This holiday is properly known as Victoria Day (not May 2-4) and is in celebration of the British queen Victoria who was born on May 24, 1819. She was a reigning monarch for 63 years, seven

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Standards in you Garden

We’re not talking about your garden holding esteem, we’re referring to the fabulous eye catching group of plants known as standards. Often referred to as balls-on sticks they are truly SO much more. A standard “tree” can be a number of different varieties it all comes down to personal taste. Whether you are looking to add visual drama with colourful blossoms, year around interest with an evergreen or eye catching foliage, there’s a standard out

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Is a Raised Bed the Best Choice for You?

I think I should preface this entry with a foreword regarding my belief that a raised vegetable garden is not necessarily a large low wooden structure. It can come in the form of an oversized planter, railing planter or even a hanging basket. There are many reasons to raise it up! Personally when I chose to build my large raised bed I was experiencing almost every one of the problems that would inspire this sort

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