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Getting Kids Excited About Gardening!

Imagining your child side by side with you, knee deep in dirt, sowing the future is a tempting daydream for any gardener. But with competition from technology and other distractions, encouraging this behaviour can seem like a challenging task. So, how can you promote the assistance of your progeny in your garden adventures? Every child is different so customize to their interests, is it the scientific angle? The edible angle? The creative outlet? Gardening has […]

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Vertical Vegetable Gardening

Space – sweet open space. It’s becoming more and more rare as land becomes less available. What’s a gardener to do?! Well the sky is the limit really. With vertical gardening you can grow far beyond your standard veggie plot and spread your garden up towards the heavens. So, what is vertical gardening? It’s pretty self explanatory really and frankly a lot of fun. First thing is first you will still need some land space

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