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Butterfly vs Moth – The Showdown

First of all let’s start with the primary differences between moths & butterflies and then we can chat about why we heavily favour the latter. Anatomy Butterfly wings fold vertically up over their backs, moths make a little ten to cover their bellies. Colour is likely the most obvious with the moths being pretty blasé while their cousins the butterflies get all the glory. Here’s your $50 word for the day – Frenulum. Does that […]

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Tomato Hornworms

He was as thick as my thumb and as long as my index finger and was sporting a dangerous looking spike on his rear end. Indiscriminately chowing his way through my tomatoes. If I wasn’t so thoroughly unimpressed with the collateral damage I’m sure I’d be rather enchanted by such an almost Alice and Wonderland sort of caterpillar. I’ve never seen them in my garden before, in fact there was no sign at all until all

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Cats in the garden?

Don’t get me wrong I’m actually very fond of cats, I have two myself! But I love my garden too and when it was used like their personal litter box I was less then impressed. In fairness to them it may have been other neighbourhood kitties who would leave me smelly surprises, regardless it had to stop! I try to keep my garden as organic as possible so many of the methods I will be

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