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Garden Soil

Soil is remarkably dynamic and incredibly diverse, made up of not only mineral matter, but organic matter, water and air as well. Soils in the Niagara Region are a mineral-rich mix of sand, gravel, loam and clay which at times can be challenging for home gardeners. While some parts of the region that are rich in loam are a gardener’s dream – those areas with heavy dense clay can be frustrating for even the most dedicated of […]

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Get rid of Grubs

Grubs are hungry little pests that feed on your lawn’s root system. The result is grass that becomes thin and patchy, as roots become weakened. Left untreated, grubs can ruin or even kill your lawn. Scotts® Grub B Gon® MAX Grub Killer – a successful, proven solution to effectively kill grubs to prevent their damage to lawns. Its active ingredient is a live organism that is effective against a variety of beetle grubs, including June

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Growing Strawberries in a Pot

With the move towards town home and condo living space is coming at more of a premium these days, fortunately growing your own delicious fruits and veggies need not be compromised.  Many plants do very well in containers and one of those is Strawberries. Growing them in this fashion saves many concerns, keeping them off the ground and away from pests and allowing for convenient placement near your kitchen or on a balcony. Strawberries are

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Attract Birds & Butterflies

One of the amazing things about having a garden is that you are bringing life into a landscape. Beyond plant life you can bring wildlife with your floral choices, including the always colourful humming birds and butterflies. Here are some of our favourite plant options dictated by your garden exposure. Shade Gardens Foxglove Columbine Lobelia Dianthus Bleeding Heart Plantain Lily Impatiens   Sunny Gardens Daylilies Liatris Shasta Daisy Yarrow Verbena Lavender Hollyhock Butterfly Bush

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Creating a Meditation Garden

Meditation has been proven to improve quality of life so it only makes sense to do so amidst the other life improving past time of gardening.  In fact it is said that Meditation can Reduce stress Improve concentration Increase self-awareness Increase happiness Slows AGING!! Benefits cardiovascular and immune health. Create a perfect meditation space in your landscape with these steps. Decide on a location with minimal noise or interference, it’s hard to clear your mind

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