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Building a Grape Vine Wreath

This time of year always gets my crafty side twitching. With so many holiday decor items to create, the level of exterior and interior decoration is really unmatched by any other season. One of my favourite things to create are Holiday Wreaths. Often I will use all natural boughs but recently I’ve developed an affinity for grape vine wreaths with artificial boughs as their shelf life will extend well beyond a single season. Don’t get […]

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Is a Raised Bed the Best Choice for You?

I think I should preface this entry with a foreword regarding my belief that a raised vegetable garden is not necessarily a large low wooden structure. It can come in the form of an oversized planter, railing planter or even a hanging basket. There are many reasons to raise it up! Personally when I chose to build my large raised bed I was experiencing almost every one of the problems that would inspire this sort

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Earth Day Resolution

With the recent passing of Earth Day it got me thinking about the different things we could all be doing to make the world a greener place. Resolutions are not just New Years Eve any more. Recycle and Up-cycle How many times have you caught yourself throwing a water bottle or plastic bag into the trash can? You’d be surprised at the amount of things are recyclable. Check out your local recycling program to see

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Autumn Interest!

The go to is mums, mums and more mums. I’ve got nothing against them but as the only addition to your fall landscape they can end up looking a little uninspired. So what’s a gardener to do? Add interest with not only plants but other structural and decorative accents. We came up with a few favourites that fall (ha ha) in perfectly with autumn colour and cooler temperatures. Plants – perfect for containers! Mums (surprise)

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September Gardening

September is just around the corner and despite my love of long hazy, summer days I do appreciate the fresh feel of autumn. Many gardeners think their work is done come fall, but not so! There are so many things we could and should be doing in September. Here are a few that I always strive to complete before the (dare I say it?) first frost! Plant Fall Container Gardens Mums, Ornamental Peppers, Kale &

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