Maximize your Garden

It’s Spring and we’re wildly dreaming of all our landscape opportunities, but today I come to you with one discussion topic; Maximizing your Landscape. Not everyone is blessed with acres of space and this means we need to work with what we have. So what do you do if you a little spaces but a lot of garden desires? Here are some tips to help you maximize you little slice of paradise. Maintenance & Levels […]

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Mulching for a Low Maintenance Landscape

Even the most fervent raking and cleaning will still leave behind the fallen leaves from last year’s planting. I must admit that rather than pick each branch and leaf, I often resort to a nice clean layer of mulch over my entire garden bed. It creates such a nice, clean look and beyond the aesthetic there are so many good reasons to mulch your garden beds. A good layer of Mulch in Spring will: Control

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Spring Bulb – Summer Flower

I love a natural looking garden full of colour, and spring bulbs, tubers and roots deliver on both in spades. For any green green thumbs we should mention that Spring Bulbs are planted in spring and flower in the summer and fall. Spring flowering plants like Tulips, Hyacinth and daffodils are Fall bulbs. The excitement of seeing the initial shoots in the summer months never wanes and each year I like to incorporate a new stunner to

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Proper Planting Techniques

One of the number one killers of flowers, trees and shrubs is improper planting technique. It’s unfortunate as the plant never has an opportunity to thrive, making it more susceptible to pests and disease. A few standard techniques should help your new addition off to a strong start. Prepare the plot. Amend the soil by using a good transplant fertilizer high in potash when planting.  Potash is the last number in the 3 number Nitrogen

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Easter and Your Pets

It’s a cruel trick of nature that some of the most beautiful, colorful springtime plants pose a deadly temptation to the four-legged members of your family. Some pets will leave house plants alone and others are quick to munch on leaves. In the case of cats there are few safe locations since they can climb to any surface. In most cases dogs are protected simply by keeping these plants out of reach. Many lilies are

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