Why fall is a great time to plant

As Canadians we get really excited come spring time. After a long cold winter we want to get our hands in the ground and start planting like mad people, filling our gardens with any colour we can get our hands on. Oddly this could be considered counterproductive as planting in the fall yields many benefits. As summer heat cools off it makes way for two cooler damper growing seasons (Fall & Spring) before the blazing […]

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How Aphids are Causing your Wasp Problem

I must admit there aren’t many pests I hate more than wasps. Frankly they are the jerks of the animal kingdom. Unlike their peace loving, pollinating friends the honey bees, wasps seem to want to invade your personal space get up in your grill and instigate until you inevitably swat at them and “A-HA!” they now have just cause to sting you, which they often do and with vigor. So much of my garden pest

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Planting Native Species Trees

It’s a growing trend among gardeners and landscapers to plant native species. There are many reasons for this, it could be considered part of the larger “green” movement and be the product of a desire to sustain local biodiversity, reducing human impact on the natural environment. In addition to this there is a simpler reason as to why growing native plants is gaining popularity, people have come to the realization that these species are more

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Dividing Perennials in Autumn

A close friend is moving this fall, away from her cherished gardens. The new home has established beds, however is certainly lacking in comparison from whence she came. All things considered the move has come at an opportune time from the perspective that several of her plants can be divided and moved, as the time for autumn plant division is upon us. Even if you aren’t planning a move this sort of separation can yield

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Preparing a Vegetable Garden

With growing concerns regarding GMO’s and pesticides it’s no surprise more people are looking for ways to grow more of their own food at home. This can be fairly easily achieved with a little elbow grease and some basic gardening know-how. Location, Location, Location Consider what you want to grow and what the sunlight requirements are for each plant. Most veggies are going to want about 6hrs of sunlight per day. The exposure itself is

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