Find Me Where the Wild Things Are

It’s a line out of a great book and a mantra that many practice in their gardens. Wildlife Gardening is a term that refers to the creation of an environment by a gardener that serves as a sustainable habitat for native wildlife. This could include plants, birds, reptiles, insects, amphibians and even mammals. One of the nice things about a well cultivated wildlife garden is the minimal need for gardener intervention, with established biodiversity many […]

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Hardening off Seedlings

At this point my seedlings are well under way, with the tomatoes already a gangly 4 inches tall. I begin to turn my mind to thoughts of bringing these seedlings outdoors into the garden, then….. WHAM another freezing spell of weather hits and I am taken back to last year when the unexpected frost on May 24 weekend took out all but my most hardy plants. Devastating. I have to admit though that they may

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