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Herb Gardening for Beginners!

There’s nothing that says “chef” more than a handful of fresh herbs casually added to a prepared dish, for flavour or garnish guests are sure to be impressed! We’ve all started cooking more in the last year, now it’s time to step up your game. Herb gardens are surprisingly easy and can yield a massive bounty, while taking up very little space. I recommend container gardening for herbs as it is SO simple and leaves […]

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Maximize your Garden

It’s Spring and we’re wildly dreaming of all our landscape opportunities, but today I come to you with one discussion topic; Maximizing your Landscape. Not everyone is blessed with acres of space and this means we need to work with what we have. So what do you do if you a little spaces but a lot of garden desires? Here are some tips to help you maximize you little slice of paradise. Maintenance & Levels

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Fall Garden Clean Up

It’s getting cold outside, the leaves went from barely changing colour to on the ground in what feels like days. It was positively warm last weekend then POOF frost expected this weekend! You can try to postpone it’s chilling effects to your crops by covering your vegetables with old sheets or thin plastic sheeting cold nights. Unfortunately shorter light periods and cooler days will catch up soon and it will be time to clear your

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Laying a Patio Using Patio Pavers

Laying a patio looks more difficult than it really is, and could easily be a great long weekend project. It requires a strong back and some basic garden tools, but the result is a level and useful patio for years to come! Tools & Materials Chisel Mallet Level Shovel Stakes & String Safety Glasses/Gloves Tamper (can be rented from your local hardware store) Broom Crushed Screening Sand Patio Slabs/Stone Step 1 Mark the proposed area

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Why is May 24 NOT on the 24th?

It seems strange that each year we look forward to a holiday coined May 2-4, that rarely occurs on the 24th. It’s never late, but always early and this got me wondering….WHY? Time for bit of a Her-story Lesson. This holiday is properly known as Victoria Day (not May 2-4) and is in celebration of the British queen Victoria who was born on May 24, 1819. She was a reigning monarch for 63 years, seven

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