Indoor Plants

Bringing Outdoor Tropicals Inside for Winter

The season is upon us when it is time to move any outdoor tropical plants indoors for winter. Bringing plants inside for winter isn’t as easy as simply moving pots from one place to another; there are several steps when acclimating plants from outdoors to indoors to prevent sending your plant into shock. One of the most common issues plants have when coming indoors is bringing unwanted pests with them. Check your plants thoroughly for […]

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Easter and Your Pets

It’s a cruel trick of nature that some of the most beautiful, colorful springtime plants pose a deadly temptation to the four-legged members of your family. Some pets will leave house plants alone and others are quick to munch on leaves. In the case of cats there are few safe locations since they can climb to any surface. In most cases dogs are protected simply by keeping these plants out of reach. Many lilies are

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