Overseeding in Spring for a Lush Green Lawn

If the winter months, pets, or other pests have left your lawn with bare and patchy spots, now is the perfect time to take action and ensure a stronger, greener lawn this summer. One of the most practical solutions for lawn remediation is overseeding, and Spring is the ideal time to do it. Why Spring is the Perfect Time for Overseeding There are several reasons why Spring is the ideal time to overseed your lawn. […]

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Make your neighbours Green with Envy

Tip #1 Start with a Strong Foundation With all the upcoming rain in the forecast it’s a great time to add valuable soil and seed to the surface through overseeding. Rake thoroughly and aerate the lawn. Spread a thin layer of quality soil such as Scotts Lawn Soil and then a good coated grass seed blended over top. Water regularly (assuming it’s not raining!) Tip # 2 Fertilize  Existing lawns that just need a little

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Fall Lawn Care

Here are our tips to ensure a greener, less labour-intensive lawn next Spring. Clean Up Rotten leaves wasting away on the surface of your lawn are going to cause a few problems. Not only will the grass underneath die due to suffocation, but infected leaves left on the ground will simply re-infect the plants from which they fell. If any showed signs of disease last season don’t even bother trying to compost them. They should

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6 Tips to a Greener Lawn

Use a slow-release fertilizer to maintain a green lawn. It won’t yield instant results but will maintain the colour and health of your lawn over the season. Spot train pets. If you have a dog you’re likely going to have some damage to your lawn. Teach Fido to use one area or even create a gravel patch and reward each time your pet uses the space! Eventually (with treats) they should learn to use it

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Summer Lawn Care

With the end of June fast approaching summer’s heat has begun to descend upon us. The rainy days of April and May are fading to a distant memory. Your lawn is probably still revelling in it’s spring time glory, but a swift decline could occur without proper maintenance. With heat, back yard parties, kids and dogs running all over your yard it can really take a toll. Some basic care will ensure it looks glorious

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