Garden Soil

Soil is remarkably dynamic and incredibly diverse, made up of not only mineral matter, but organic matter, water and air as well. Soils in the Niagara Region are a mineral-rich mix of sand, gravel, loam and clay which at times can be challenging for home gardeners. While some parts of the region that are rich in loam are a gardener’s dream – those areas with heavy dense clay can be frustrating for even the most dedicated of […]

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To Mulch or Not to Mulch?

To mulch or not to mulch…. That is the question. Or maybe it isn’t, maybe you are thinking of adding decorative stone to your landscape. Each has its inherent strengths, so which one is right for your project? There are numerous benefits to applying mulch or rock in your garden. Familiarize yourself with both by reading this week’s blog. Mulch The most common type of compost that is used in garden soil. Mulch is most

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Mulching for a Low Maintenance Landscape

Even the most fervent raking and cleaning will still leave behind the fallen leaves from last year’s planting. I must admit that rather than pick each branch and leaf, I often resort to a nice clean layer of mulch over my entire garden bed. It creates such a nice, clean look and beyond the aesthetic there are so many good reasons to mulch your garden beds. A good layer of Mulch in Spring will: Control

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Landscape Fabric Best Practice

We are often asked about the appropriate use of landscape fabric. This is not surprising considering the counter-intuitive nature of something to prevent growth being added to a garden. Typically landscape fabric use should be limited to: Garden borders / near edging to avoid weeds and encroachment of grass Underneath Landscape Stone, such as potato stone or flagstone Under Mulched areas where no perennials are present To add landscape fabric, you should adhere to the

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