Garden Soil

Soil is remarkably dynamic and incredibly diverse, made up of not only mineral matter, but organic matter, water and air as well. Soils in the Niagara Region are a mineral-rich mix of sand, gravel, loam and clay which at times can be challenging for home gardeners. While some parts of the region that are rich in loam are a gardener’s dream – those areas with heavy dense clay can be frustrating for even the most dedicated of […]

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How to plant a Good Vegetable Garden

There are so many different varieties of vegetables and so many different growing techniques it is hard to know where to start. We’ve got a quick list of fail-safe rules to ensure that when you bring those young plants home from our Garden Centre you are assured they not only survive, but thrive. Choose the Right location This means an area that is: The right exposure – you need a sunny spot that should ideally

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Tomato Cages or Stakes?

So this year I’ve decided to try staking my tomatoes vs. cages. Mostly because I saw a staked tomato garden and it was so trim and tidy, I nearly wept. It appealed to my inner minimalist. I also saw the benefit of extra air space in my already crowded garden. Which brings me to today’s post stakes or cages. There are pros and cons to each and I’d like to name a few to help

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How Gardening Makes the Earth a Better Place

Improve air quality Photosynthesis is a natural process for plants where they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Like mini filtration systems each plant does it’s part to improve the surrounding air. Reducing Carbon Footprint Carbon footprint is caused by the amount of carbons and resulting carbon dioxide we as individuals output into the air. We produce these carbons through the consumption of fossil fuels. Driving being the number one culprit. Through growing your

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Seed Starting Technique

It’s still cold and the ground is still frozen but the warmer temperatures earlier this week have us thinking about spring. One of the most exciting parts of any new garden season is the planting of new material in our beds. Be they flowers or vegetables the process is essentially the same when you plan to start from seed. Here are some tips to give the seeds a head start and your pocket book some

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