The importance of Calcium for Tomatoes & Peppers

It’s funny how often we hear commercials for women’s facial creams that promote increased cell structure, volume and elasticity. This is what’s sold as needing improvement for your most  youthful skin. Well, let me tell you; what Oil of Olay does for skin, calcium does for your Tomatoes and Peppers. Scientifically, calcium shows significant effect on the mechanical properties of artificial cell wall materials, making them more extensible. So, what does that mean? Imagine this; […]

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Picky Peppers

I have to tell you peppers, push my patience. They make me crazy with the length of time it takes to change from their original hue. That’s what it is sadly, all bell peppers start off green and then grow to full size before ripening. When they finally ripen they can turn to yellow, orange and my favourite, red. But they take SO long. I’ve learned over time that peppers are peculiar plants (see what

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