Why fall is a great time to plant

As Canadians we get really excited come spring time. After a long cold winter we want to get our hands in the ground and start planting like mad people, filling our gardens with any colour we can get our hands on. Oddly this could be considered counterproductive as planting in the fall yields many benefits. As summer heat cools off it makes way for two cooler damper growing seasons (Fall & Spring) before the blazing

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Dividing Perennials

The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler. Fall’s inevitable arrival seems a little sooner than we might like. But there’ s a lemons and lemonade adage that I believe is suitable for this situation. Looking into my garden right now it’s easy to see what is competing for space and may need to be separated for next year. Though this week is a little hotter than of late I expect that by mid

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How to attract birds to your garden

Birds do more than add to your garden aesthetic. They provide control and conservation but also a real pass-time. Watching my bird bath and feeder has become an interesting portal into the local avian population. Regulars to my oasis include, goldfinches, sparrows, chickadees, house finches, mourning doves and the rare cardinal. They spend their time bouncing from the large stone bird bath to the pear tree, flitting among the leaves of the hydrangeas. Each one

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Summer Pruning

It’s not really the time of year that most often comes to mind when we think of pruning. But this is the perfect time if you are working to keep certain shrubs or trees dwarfed. It’s also the time to redirect a plant that may be growing in an undesirable direction. Moreover pruning would be done in the summer for protective or corrective reasons. If plants are showing defective limbs you can lop them off

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