Pest Control

Slug Control

It’s hard to believe my garden is already suffering slug damage, but alas it is so. The Hostas are always the first to show their battles scars but I know further chewed leaf damage is imminent if certain preventative measures are not taken. Here are a few of my favourite controls.   Beer traps: What a way to go! The slugs are attracted by the fermentation gasses of beer. Ales, Stouts and Guinness are best. […]

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What’s Bugging You? Potato Beetles

Potato Beetles are garden killers, both the adult and larval forms chew leaves and can completely defoliate an entire crop.  Not discerning, potato beetles will enjoy other plants in your garden including tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. The adults are about 1/3″ and yellowish-orange with black stripes on their wings and black spots behind the head. The larvae about half the size of the adults are red with black head and legs, and become yellowish-red or

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Tomato Hornworms

He was as thick as my thumb and as long as my index finger and was sporting a dangerous looking spike on his rear end. Indiscriminately chowing his way through my tomatoes. If I wasn’t so thoroughly unimpressed with the collateral damage I’m sure I’d be rather enchanted by such an almost Alice and Wonderland sort of caterpillar. I’ve never seen them in my garden before, in fact there was no sign at all until all

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Preventing Pests in a Veggie Garden

The best defence is a good offence when it comes to veggie gardening. By regularly maintaining your veggie garden and being vigilant for the first sign of pests you can stay one step ahead of predacious insects and many plant diseases. Only the strong survive! Build healthy soil beds to ensure a strong start. Mulching and top-dressing your soil with compost or natural fertilizer is the best way to grow sturdy plants. Pull out weak

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Attracting Beneficial Bugs

We’ve already talked about how attracting birds to your garden yields many benefits and can be used as a method of pest control. This time of year it’s a topic often on our minds, it’s amazing how quickly infestations can multiply. One spot or one bug, can quickly become hundreds more, taking down a plant in its prime. Many of us when seeing insects want swift and immediate eradication, but not all bugs are bad!!

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