Step by Step Tree Planting Guide

1. Now that you have purchased and brought your new tree home, keep the tree watered until you are ready to plant. (On average potted trees are watered every two days, more often in the heat of the summer) 2. When you are ready to plant the tree, dig a hole that is twice the width of the pot but 1-2″ shallower than the pot. 3. The soil removed from the hole should be mixed […]

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In response to growing concerns over COVID 19 we’ve made necessary revisions to our processes at Ridgeview. You can now order and pay by phone and we will prepare your products in a box, ready for your pick up or delivery* Simply give us a call at 1 (888) 770-0333 and we can make arrangements to best serve you! The list below is only a selection of our extensive in-store offering, call for more product

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Proper Planting Techniques

One of the number one killers of flowers, trees and shrubs is improper planting technique. It’s unfortunate as the plant never has an opportunity to thrive, making it more susceptible to pests and disease. A few standard techniques should help your new addition off to a strong start. Prepare the plot. Amend the soil by using a good transplant fertilizer high in potash when planting.  Potash is the last number in the 3 number Nitrogen

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Hardening off Seedlings

At this point my seedlings are well under way, with the tomatoes already a gangly 4 inches tall. I begin to turn my mind to thoughts of bringing these seedlings outdoors into the garden, then….. WHAM another freezing spell of weather hits and I am taken back to last year when the unexpected frost on May 24 weekend took out all but my most hardy plants. Devastating. I have to admit though that they may

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Define Your Garden Style

I like to consider myself a pretty creative person, but even I hit dry spells where it’s hard to imagine a new layout or design. As a collector (occasionally called hoarder by my husband) I try and keep myself surrounded by things that inspire me or I believe can be re-purposed in someway. You just never know when that strange old tub, or coloured glass bottles might inspire you to deliver its new destiny. That

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