Canning and the Home Garden

If you’ve ever had a vegetable garden you know that harvest does not happen in nice meal sized bunches. Instead you are often left with a massive bounty that no one family could ever consume and your neighbours start to hide for fear of being given another bushel of whatever you’re toting. For this reason a good system for preserving food is critical. Canning covers two preservation methods but either way it’s a method of […]

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How to Make Jams & Preserves

Growing your own fruit is a great way to fill your pantry with delectable jams & preserves. The Famers Almanac Website had a great overview of the process which has been included below. It’s actually quite easy and you’ll enjoy delicious results—free from additives and chemicals. Tips on Making Jams and Preserves (from Sweet and sticky, most people today lump strawberry jam and strawberry preserves together, thinking that they are the same thing. Well, almost,

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