Spring Pruning

Every year I stand in my dormant garden, shears in hand eyeing the landscape. It could be the cabin fever. Or just the overwhelming urge to do anything in the garden, but I really feel a compelling need to give my flora a little trim. The big question is always; what can be trimmed without hindering that season’s new growth? For a list of plants which are best pruned while dormant, or in early spring […]

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Summer Pruning

It’s not really the time of year that most often comes to mind when we think of pruning. But this is the perfect time if you are working to keep certain shrubs or trees dwarfed. It’s also the time to redirect a plant that may be growing in an undesirable direction. Moreover pruning would be done in the summer for protective or corrective reasons. If plants are showing defective limbs you can lop them off

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