Fabulous Fall Food

Harvest to Table – Recipes! We’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving. It’s almost time for enormous turkey dinners and family gatherings. True, it’s the turkey who’s the star of this meal but the supporting dishes are critical. If you really want to impress, serving home grown veggies is always a hit. It might be a little bit late to start now, so we’ll simply recommend some great Zone 5 veggies to try in your garden next […]

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Garden Tip – Preparing Chiles

Few plants grab the attention of both eyes and taste buds like spicy chile peppers. Harvest chiles in summer; enjoy their flavours all year by drying chilies in an oven, a dehydrator or the open air. Once dry, store them in a sealed jar or plastic bag, or crush into a powder. Dried peppers can be ground into coarse flakes or a fine powder for flavouring. When drying peppers ensure you wear rubber gloves, avoid

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How to Make Jams & Preserves

Growing your own fruit is a great way to fill your pantry with delectable jams & preserves. The Famers Almanac Website had a great overview of the process which has been included below. It’s actually quite easy and you’ll enjoy delicious results—free from additives and chemicals. Tips on Making Jams and Preserves (from Sweet and sticky, most people today lump strawberry jam and strawberry preserves together, thinking that they are the same thing. Well, almost,

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