The History of Valentine’s Day

I’ve often wondered about the history behind certain holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception. In the spirit of the season let’s review the history of this amorous occasion. Legend says that it originated in third century Rome, when the Emperor of the era decided that young single men were better for war than love and promptly banned marriage. A young priest named Valentine continued to marry couples in secret. When discovered the Emperor sentenced […]

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Shrub Rose Care

The first Roses I ever owned were inherited from the homeowner before me. Rife with neglect there were 3 gorgeous almost tree like Gladifora stems in a small garden in front of my stoop. I quickly took them in, nursed them back to health and for years I was rewarded with showy red roses throughout summer and into the fall. One year they lasted until the first week of December! Certainly we had our problems,

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