Spring garden

Fall planting – Spring flowers

Each spring some of the first showings of colour come from bulbs planted in the fall. A little planning in this case goes a long way. Some bulbs can be forced in the spring but really it’s taking the hard road to a result that can be achieved with very little effort. Hardy bulbs like, crocus, tulips, hyacinth, and daffodils are all great to plant at this time of year so they can get settled […]

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Creating a Meditation Garden

Meditation has been proven to improve quality of life so it only makes sense to do so amidst the other life improving past time of gardening.  In fact it is said that Meditation can Reduce stress Improve concentration Increase self-awareness Increase happiness Slows AGING!! Benefits cardiovascular and immune health. Create a perfect meditation space in your landscape with these steps. Decide on a location with minimal noise or interference, it’s hard to clear your mind

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Spring is here!!

Spring has finally arrived HALLEJULAH! It’s hard not to go tearing into the garden full boar and go totally nuts. Though it is important not to be trouncing around on the beds if they are too wet but there’s lots to be done. I thought it would be best to simply add on some additional tasks from last year’s spring garden blog which can be read here. Repairs Not sure about you folks but all the

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Earth Day Resolution

With the recent passing of Earth Day it got me thinking about the different things we could all be doing to make the world a greener place. Resolutions are not just New Years Eve any more. Recycle and Up-cycle How many times have you caught yourself throwing a water bottle or plastic bag into the trash can? You’d be surprised at the amount of things are recyclable. Check out your local recycling program to see

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Proper Lawn Seeding Technique

Despite that layer of snow that has covered our lawns recently there IS a lawn under there aching to come out. We need to ensure that this turf gets the care it needs to deliver a lush green lawn throughout the summer months. One critical element in treating a sparse or damaged lawn is over seeding Over seeding is the technique of adding new seed over an existing lawn to both fill in bare areas

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