Make your neighbours Green with Envy

Tip #1 Start with a Strong Foundation With all the upcoming rain in the forecast it’s a great time to add valuable soil and seed to the surface through overseeding. Rake thoroughly and aerate the lawn. Spread a thin layer of quality soil such as Scotts Lawn Soil and then a good coated grass seed blended over top. Water regularly (assuming it’s not raining!) Tip # 2 Fertilize  Existing lawns that just need a little […]

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Tips for Planting Summer Bulbs

If you’re like us you’re itching for Spring to arrive, the promise of warmer temps (and hopefully more freedom) seems to flicker on the horizon. One of the main harbingers of Spring is the ability to get back out in the garden and work the soil. Though everything is still very frozen right now it won’t be long until you can don the rubber boots and head out trowel in hand. An early project to

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Easter Symbols and their Origin

It’s one of the most cherished of Easter traditions, painting and the hiding of Easter Eggs. These “magical” eggs hidden of course by yet another prominent symbol of the season, the Easter Bunny. Though you won’t find them in the Bible these symbols have been celebrated for centuries.  It is reported that the Easter bunny was introduced to America by the German immigrants who brought over their stories of a magical egg-laying Hare. Rabbits are

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Spring Bulb Care

With any luck you are starting to see the telltale sign of little green leaves pushing their way through the surface of your garden. Assuming you planted some tulip, daffodil or crocus bulbs last fall it’a about the time for them to make their appearance. It has been pretty cold recently so depending on the exposure of the plant bed it may be a slow intro. That being said if you’re like me you keep

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Hardening off Seedlings

At this point my seedlings are well under way, with the tomatoes already a gangly 4 inches tall. I begin to turn my mind to thoughts of bringing these seedlings outdoors into the garden, then….. WHAM another freezing spell of weather hits and I am taken back to last year when the unexpected frost on May 24 weekend took out all but my most hardy plants. Devastating. I have to admit though that they may

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