Mid Summer Fertilizing

Though it’s been relatively rain-filled this July, summer heat and other stressors can still take a toll on your garden and lawn. Everything has been growing like crazy and all this growth needs supportive nutrients. Fertilization of edibles, annuals, and grass will help ensure a bountiful crop, glorious blooms, and a landscape to be proud of right into the fall. For edibles At this time you are generally past the point of soil remediation as […]

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Summer Lawn Care

With the end of June fast approaching summer’s heat has begun to descend upon us. The rainy days of April and May are fading to a distant memory. Your lawn is probably still revelling in it’s spring time glory, but a swift decline could occur without proper maintenance. With heat, back yard parties, kids and dogs running all over your yard it can really take a toll. Some basic care will ensure it looks glorious

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