Low Maintenance Gardening

We’ve all made the excuses, not enough time, not enough space or “I just don’t have a green thumb”. Whatever the reason for not building the garden of your dreams we’ve all said it at one time or another. But the reality is that gardening does not have to be a labour of love. It can simply be a joyful pass time if certain actions are taken to ensure a low maintenance garden. Now let […]

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Preventing Pests – the Benefits of Dormant Oil Spray

Garden pests can turn what should be a relaxing past time into all out war. Fending off insects and disease is a tiring and frustrating way to spend your gardening hours. So if you are avoiding the use of traditional insecticides or chemicals in your yard, you can still dormant spray your plants. Dormant Oil (Horticultural Oil), by itself, is one of the safest insecticides you can use. It is not a poisonous chemical to

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How Gardening Makes the Earth a Better Place

Improve air quality Photosynthesis is a natural process for plants where they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Like mini filtration systems each plant does it’s part to improve the surrounding air. Reducing Carbon Footprint Carbon footprint is caused by the amount of carbons and resulting carbon dioxide we as individuals output into the air. We produce these carbons through the consumption of fossil fuels. Driving being the number one culprit. Through growing your

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When Peonies Don’t Bloom

A classic staple in many traditional gardens, the faithful Peony is one of my absolute favourites. There are so many different varieties and the fragrance in bloom is absolutely intoxicating. But what happens when your plant is just a whole lot of green, all leaf and no flowers? There are a few reasons this can occur and most are easy to solve. The first and most common complaint relates not to an unhealthy plant, rather

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Fall Weed Control

I don’t know about you but late summer vacations and a very demanding vegetable harvest has left me with a lawn joining the dark side. I’m referring to weeds. They are the bane of very existence and though I usually go the labour intensive route of pulling each and every one it may be past the point of no return. It goes without saying that left unchecked I can expect a weed filled frustration causing

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