Step by Step Tree Planting Guide

1. Now that you have purchased and brought your new tree home, keep the tree watered until you are ready to plant. (On average potted trees are watered every two days, more often in the heat of the summer) 2. When you are ready to plant the tree, dig a hole that is twice the width of the pot but 1-2″ shallower than the pot. 3. The soil removed from the hole should be mixed […]

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Low Maintenance Gardening

We’ve all made the excuses, not enough time, not enough space or “I just don’t have a green thumb”. Whatever the reason for not building the garden of your dreams we’ve all said it at one time or another. But the reality is that gardening does not have to be a labour of love. It can simply be a joyful pass time if certain actions are taken to ensure a low maintenance garden. Now let

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Building an Evergreen Wreath

There are a lot of different wreath forms you can use as the base of your wreath. It really depends on the actual type of look you are going for. A styrofoam wreath form is well suited to plastic or silk flowers or wreaths where you are gluing the media to the base, for instance christmas ball or pine cone wreaths. But when using fresh evergreen boughs there are two key types of forms that

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Standards in you Garden

We’re not talking about your garden holding esteem, we’re referring to the fabulous eye catching group of plants known as standards. Often referred to as balls-on sticks they are truly SO much more. A standard “tree” can be a number of different varieties it all comes down to personal taste. Whether you are looking to add visual drama with colourful blossoms, year around interest with an evergreen or eye catching foliage, there’s a standard out

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Small Trees can have Major Impact

With yards getting smaller and the mercury rising year over year, small trees can have major impact on your landscape. Whether for aesthetic or practical purposes such as shade there is a tree to suit your needs. We’re featuring a larger tree this week with the Autumn Blaze Maple but for the sake of this blog we’ll review some smaller trees that also deliver outstanding colour and/or dimension. Amur Maple Like the Autumn Blaze a

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