Why an Organic Fertilizer is Important

We often tout the reasons why its important to grow and eat organic foods, and how an organic fertilizer will ensure a pesticide and chemical free crop. But what are the other reasons you’d want to go organic from the ground up? Specifically, organic isn’t just good for you, it’s good for all kinds of living things. One of the common news stories heard now is the dwindling bee populations and the catastrophic results their […]

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Levels of Organic and what they mean to YOUR Family

Organic is confusing. There I said it. You see Organic Certified, Made from Organic Ingredients and varying percentages of Organic splashed all over packaging. Which is the right choice? Is one SO much better than the other it’s worth more? What about growing food at home? What about this process renders food organic? Or does it? Well here’s your answer….. It depends. HA! What’s the difference between organic and non-organic foods? The difference between organic

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Preparing a Vegetable Garden

With growing concerns regarding GMO’s and pesticides it’s no surprise more people are looking for ways to grow more of their own food at home. This can be fairly easily achieved with a little elbow grease and some basic gardening know-how. Location, Location, Location Consider what you want to grow and what the sunlight requirements are for each plant. Most veggies are going to want about 6hrs of sunlight per day. The exposure itself is

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Spring is here!!

Spring has finally arrived HALLEJULAH! It’s hard not to go tearing into the garden full boar and go totally nuts. Though it is important not to be trouncing around on the beds if they are too wet but there’s lots to be done. I thought it would be best to simply add on some additional tasks from last year’s spring garden blog which can be read here. Repairs Not sure about you folks but all the

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Succession Planting

There are a few different methods of succession planting that can be employed in a home garden. It takes a bit of planning but will dramatically increase the yield. The first involves fully harvesting the first plant and then planting the next plant directly in its place. Plant an early crop first followed by a heat loving summer crop. You may even be able to plant a third cold season crop for fall. The second

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