Tomato Sauce Recipe

The tomatoes seem early this year? In fact I can’t ever recall making sauce this early in August, yet here I am with bushels of tomatoes that need to be turned into delicious homemade sauce and salsa. There’s been a couple of different recipes for sauce over the years, and this one is always met with great fanfare from my family. INGREDIENTS 20 lb tomatoes (about 60 medium Roma are great but most will do) […]

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How to plant a Good Vegetable Garden

There are so many different varieties of vegetables and so many different growing techniques it is hard to know where to start. We’ve got a quick list of fail-safe rules to ensure that when you bring those young plants home from our Garden Centre you are assured they not only survive, but thrive. Choose the Right location This means an area that is: The right exposure – you need a sunny spot that should ideally

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Veggie crops to plant now!

With all this heat and consistent sunshine many of the veggies in my garden are ready early. This is great except I’m blowing through my lettuce supply fairly quickly and I’ve come to the conclusion I’m going to need to start a new crop for some of the hardier early vegetables. In this blog I’d like to review some of the plants that will fare well into the fall and provide you with a first

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Hardening off Seedlings

At this point my seedlings are well under way, with the tomatoes already a gangly 4 inches tall. I begin to turn my mind to thoughts of bringing these seedlings outdoors into the garden, then….. WHAM another freezing spell of weather hits and I am taken back to last year when the unexpected frost on May 24 weekend took out all but my most hardy plants. Devastating. I have to admit though that they may

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