It’s certainly felt like fall this past week. Not as cold as Calgary (snow in September?!!) but cold nonetheless. Weather like this inspires us to start refreshing some of our container gardens and baskets. We’ve talked before about the proper construction of containers and about fresh cut garden flowers so well limit this week to recommending plants, decorative branches and gourds that deal well with low temperatures and follow the thrill, spill, fill construction.


  • Purple Fountain Grass
  • Dracena
  • Corn Stalks
  • Cat tails
  • Dog wood, holly or cotoneaster branches
  • Maple or Oak Branches – brightly coloured silks look great amongst other live plants and the leaves won’t fall off!
  • Crotons – these are tropical plants but fair pretty well in our cooler temperatures
  • Box wood or other evergreen spirals can be great for large impressive containers


  • Chrysanthemums are the classic fall flower
  • Ornamental Kale Cabbage – ornamental leaves, can be white, red, pink, lavender, blue or violet and get brighter with cooler temperatures!
  • Gourds & Mini Pumpkins
  • Dusty Miller – these will often maintain their colour and shape well past the first frost
  • Heuchera – with all the colour options the sky’s the limit!!
  • Pansies – a spring favourite also appreciates cooler fall temperatures
  • Bok Choy – not just for stir fries
  • Ornamental mini peppers – they are pretty and edible


  • English Ivy – This foliage retains it’s colour even after several frosts
  • Vinca Vine
  • Silver dichondra – this frosty plant is a show stopper
  • Heuchera – can also be used to spill over the edges
  • Hardy Ferns

So get planting and enjoy healthy growth by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, your cooking won’t be the only thing getting compliments!

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