Usually I’m a pretty big fan of rain but recently there has been a little too much even for my taste. It’s not just a matter of preference, too much wet weather can wreak havoc on a garden. So unless you have a way to control the weather (please tell me) I’ll review the various problems which are exacerbated or outright caused by all this rain!

  • Anthracnose fungi is a disease that spreads in high humidity and rainfall. Leaves can begin to wither and fall. Spray or dust with a fixed copper- or sulfur-based fungicide every 7 to 10 day.
  • Spread of disease can be a huge fallout of too much rain. Avoid pruning or harvesting until the foliage has dried off. Prune and stake the plants to improve airflow after heavy rainfalls or dewy mornings. Improve soil drainage by placing plants in raised beds or mounds.
  • BUGS – ARGH! The bane of my existence. They’ve always seemed to follow me throughout my gardening years. Oddly enough it’s never more than one species. This year it’s flea beetles. In years past I’ve fought battles with Aphids, Ants, Slugs, Japanese Beetles, the list goes on… Though (almost) always victorious, it’s deflating to come home to my well cared for garden and see some garden pest munching away on the literal fruits of my labour. Bugs love all this rain, relishing the moist, humid conditions. More frequently people seem to be looking for organic solutions for controlling pests. It’s an obvious choice for veggie gardeners and there are a lot of different options. I’m currently trying Diatomaceous Earth to control a flea beetle issue, but it will actually control a variety of unwanted bugs and is safe and easy to apply. If you note an insect problem in your garden ask a Ridgeview Representative for the right solution.
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