1. Now that you have purchased and brought your new tree home, keep the tree watered until you are ready to plant. (On average potted trees are watered every two days, more often in the heat of the summer)

2. When you are ready to plant the tree, dig a hole that is twice the width of the pot but 1-2″ shallower than the pot.

3. The soil removed from the hole should be mixed with manure, garden mix or triple mix in a wheelbarrow.

4. Remove the tree from the pot. If the plant is in burlap it needs to be removed with little disruption. If the tree is in a fibre pot, it is best to cut the bottom off the pot, slice the side of the fibre pot and place the plant in the bottomless pot in the hole, making sure the plant is not too deep and start backfilling the hole with the soil mix. Once the root ball and pot is stable with soil fill, shake the fibre pot out of the soil.

5. Bonemeal is a great slow-release fertilizer that is helpful for any plant. Bonemeal should be added to the hole, one handful per plant, prior to putting in the plant. After the plant is in the hole, start to back fill with your soil mix, when the hole is half-filled add the required amount of Bonmeal then continue to back-fill and firm the plant in place using your feet.

6. After planting, to have the best results, your tree should be staked to ensure wind does not damage developing roots ability to take hold.

7. Water thoroughly after planting and water well once every 7-10 days in spring; 3 times per week in the summer heat. Always monitor and adjust your watering to prevent dryness and/or drowning.

8. When trees are purchased at Ridgeview they are guaranteed for one full year for the value paid with a receipt and the dead plant material.

9 If you have questions about tree or shrub planting or if you have a concern about your plants, feel free to call and ask our professional nursery staff for advice.

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