As Ridgeview begins 2019 we reflect on the momentous changes that have happened in the past 12 months and look forward to our growth in the coming year. 

As many of you know this past season marked the beginning of our store moving strategy, accompanied by a full-term clearance event. The reasoning behind the store moving was to make room for the new high school that is being built at the current garden centre location.   It may come as a surprise that we will remain in our current store for another year. We had anticipated this land deal to be completed by April of 2018. The political climate shifted during the Provincial Election and the new School funding was delayed. As a result of this the sale of our current property went on hold and so in turn, our plans to move. However, it is with GREAT excitement that we can now confidently say that our deal closed at the end of January 2019. This delay does mean that we will spend another season in our current location, with a dig date for the new store scheduled for August of this year. We will continue to offer a wonderful selection of Nursery, Perennial and Annual plants as well as our diverse landscape products. We want to assure you all that it is business as usual here at Ridgeview!  New inventory has been sourced, and further opportunities to enhance our clearance sale will occur as we are encouraged to move all plant, gift and pottery quickly through our store as our new store will be scheduled to open in Spring of 2020. The more we SELL, the less we MOVE!  

Ridgeview Garden Centre appreciates your loyalty and patronage during this time of transition and we look forward to serving you this season.  

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