Are you flexing your organic gardening muscle this year? Like many you will want an organic option to fertilize and re-mediate poor soil conditions without having to add harsh chemical fertilizers.

Sea Compost is a great option, because it contains shrimp it will provide a great source of calcium which helps to create stronger cell walls. Why does this matter? Think blossom end rot, yucky weak walls and black spots. Sufficient calcium in the soil is one of the primary solutions for this problem. This organic compost also contains seaweed which stimulates plant growth and this combined with the peat adds hummus and increases water retention in sandy soils.

Like you may have guessed from its name, Sea compost is a composted product that is made from sea shells and other organic sea materials. Because it’s from the sea it’s naturally weed free so there’s no risk of introducing foreign seeds or disease.

The plants that respond most favourably to this type of compost include:

Evergreens: When planting a new tree or shrub, simply  mix one part sea compost with one part soil and one part peat. This 1:1:1 mixture provides evergreens ideal nutrients, drainage and coverage. If you are enhancing the soil around an established plant then you will just turn an inch of sea compost into the existing soil around the base of the evergreen.

Flower and Vegetable Gardens: This is where Sea Compost really shines as it’s MOST important in the Vegetable garden to keep things Organic.  If you are just starting your bed garden or container garden will want mix one part sea compost with two parts of organic soil. For existing soil upgrading spread a layer of sea compost approximately 1″ deep over the entire bed. Then rake the compost and soil together.

Good Luck and Happy Gardening!



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