Have you seen them? They’re everywhere, buzzing about, getting into your picnic, generally just being a nuisance. WASPS!! Ugh, being allergic I’m especially adverse to these winged bugs and unlike our friend the honeybee who is naturally a pollinator, wasps are predators first and can sting multiple times before their demise. As August turns to September the larvae are beginning to hatch meaning juveniles on the loose with little to do (think bored teenagers – boy are they trouble!!)

It’s important to rid our gardens of these pests without damaging the other beneficial bugs. So how do we do this?

  • Sprays – Ridgeview carries Ortho Home Defense Max – you will need to stand a safe distance from the nest and spray. Keep in mind the air must be very still as you do not want it blowing back in your face.
  • Foams – Similar to the spray you will need to aim it at the nest, this product will however put a little more distance between you and the bees. With this targeted foam spray you can easily get into cracks to reach stubborn nests.
  • Make a bucket trap – Fill a bucket with sugar water, vinegar and a little mild dish washing soap. Set outside and wait for the hornets to drop by and drown.
  • Add a decoy – These decoy nests really resemble paper lanterns, and of course a wasp’s home. The theory is that hornets that see an existing nest will keep away because they’re territorial.

No matter which method be sure you protect yourself first when dealing with these aggressive insects.

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