There’s something about miniature gardening that tickles our fancy. Whether it’s the whimsy or the idea of having a indoor landscape year-round, it’s caught our attention and that of thousands of folks around the globe. Miniature or Fairy Gardening as it is often called can be an entertaining hobby akin to building doll houses or model trains. Scale everything down; small plants, small gravel and tiny decor will ensure you have an enchanted space fit for even the most discerning of fairies.

The first thing you need to decide is if you want an indoor or outdoor garden. At this time of year we’d recommend the latter as the first frost is not far off. To build a small indoor fairy garden you’ll need to select an appropriately sized container. Terrariums, large glass lanterns, fish bowls or low bowl urns all make excellent choices. Think carefully about the location; they need plenty of sun and if you have nosey pets you may want to consider something covered on all sides.

Create a foundation for your garden with a good base of potting soil which will set the overall shape of your landscape. Add sand, gravel or small stone pathways, leading to the door of a pretty little house, water feature or a simple small bench. Imagine the vista from inside your garden to create the most realistic of spaces.

The plants must remain small by nature or tolerate regular pruning to keep size. Here are some perfect petals for your petite space:

For Trees

All of the below trees are miniature varieties


Ellwood’s Pillar (Chamaecyparis)

Cotoneaster Dammeri


Mini Olive Trees


Japanese Elm


For Bushes

Asstd. Stonecrop



French Thyme

Creeping Charlie


For Turf

Scotch Moss

Irish Moss

Spike Moss

Woolly Thyme

Moss Mats (synthetic)

Add your finishing touches with pint sized fairy statues, baby bird houses & wee seating areas. Get the kids involved by utilizing a favourite small toy as the inspiration. Imagine a mini Jurassic Park using toy dinosaurs or a safari with little plastic predators. Though referred to as fairy gardens, it’s all about the scale – if it’s small – it’s fair game with the only limits being those of your imagination.

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