With Pinterest serving as such a fertile garden of inspiration it’s easy to get excited about creating your own winter urns. You can use dirt or a garden foam core as once it freezes it will hold everything in place. I’ve always found that most difficult part of building a container is deciding what will go in it. There are so many different options of decorator items and types of plants it can be hard to make up your mind. The structure of winter container is not all that different than your summer arrangement, following the rule of Thrill, Fill & Spill (container structure blog) In the case of winter containers however it your fill material is often the same as your spill material. Different varieties of evergreen boughs are what will make up the majority of your container. Your height (or thrill) will likely be achieved using twigs, birch poles or some sort of synthetic bough.The key when building a winter urn is volume, a thick full container will serve as cover for inexperienced construction. Let’s talk about the best materials and feature some containers with the contents identified. Hope you’re inspired!! Click the thumbnail to see larger image.

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